Maps are intriguing as an art form and as a vehicle for artistic expression. They are personal explorations of map language and imagined landscapes. Through satellite imagery sites like Google maps -- almost any place can be translated into an exquisite mixed media Cartographic Quilt.

I am available for both public and private commissions. The quilt you see below was commissioned by a private collector of art quilts. My main creative inspiration is based on my love of maps. You can commission a piece based on almost any location or city you want.

There is no set in stone formula for pricing. The cost is based on the scale and complexity of the work. Therefore I would rather quote a price after we talk about the size, subject matter and complexity of the quilt you have in mind. In addition, since the approval process for public art or multiple clients is more time consuming -- that cost would be reflected in my fee.

If you are interested, please contact me at